How to use “ABOUT TO” in English

What you’re about to be taught shall be very helpful when talking English! On this video, we are going to take a look at “about to”, a time period we use when speaking about the close to future. It describes one thing somebody plans to do very quickly. I’ll educate you when to use “about to” and the way to use it accurately. Strive my quiz on the finish of the lesson to be sure to perceive. I hope you’re about to click on on this video!


Hiya. My identify is Emma and I’m about to educate you “about to”. Okay?

So, “about to”, what does it imply and the way will we use it? Properly, let’s take a look at an instance to actually perceive this. “I’m about to clear my room.” I would like you to suppose for a second. Do you suppose this sentence is concerning the previous, the current, or the longer term? So: “I’m about to clear my room.” In the event you stated that is concerning the future, you’re appropriate. We use “about to” after we’re speaking about one thing we are going to do very quickly in the longer term. We’re not speaking about far in the longer term. We often use “will” for that. We’re speaking about very, very quickly like in the subsequent 5 minutes or in the subsequent couple of minutes. So, I’m about to provide you with some examples of “about to”.

So we’ve right here “I” as a topic: “I’m about to”, after which after “about to” we’ve a verb. I put this in color to make it easier to keep in mind it higher. We have now: “You’re about to” and the verb. “He or she is about to” and a verb. “We’re about to” and a verb. “You guys are about to” and a verb. I’ve put right here: “You guys”, which is a bit casual, however after we’re speaking a few group of individuals in a casual scenario we are able to use: “You guys”, and: “They’re about to” with a verb. So what can we do with the verbs right here? Properly, for those who search for right here I’ve: “I’m about to clear my room.” We maintain the verb in the infinitive in this case. “I’m about to examine English.”, “You’re about to hear to me communicate.”, “She is about to watch TV.”, “We’re about to go to the gymnasium.”, “You guys are about to hear to Justin Bieber.”, “They’re about to take a bathe.” Okay? So now let’s do some collectively, let’s put the verb in the correct type collectively.

Okay, so simply to keep in mind: Once we’re speaking about “about to”, we’re speaking concerning the future and often we’re speaking about both the speedy future, that means the subsequent 5-10 minutes or the subsequent couple of hours or we will also be speaking about quickly. Quickly is totally different for various folks, so I may be speaking about in the subsequent couple of days or in the subsequent couple of weeks, however what I actually imply is quickly. Okay? So I can say: “I’m about to go on trip”, and meaning quickly I’ll go on trip.

Okay, so now let’s do some examples collectively.
“I’m about to _________.”
How can we modify this verb into the correct type? “I’m about to…” Properly, this was a trick query. You stated: “name”-and we add just a little interval here-you are appropriate. It’s totally simple to use “about to”. We simply want the topic, “am”, “about to”, and the verb.

All proper, let’s take a look at the subsequent instance collectively.
“Ednan is _________ do homework.”
Now, I would like to speak about Ednan in the speedy future, what he is going to do very quickly, so what can we put right here? In the event you stated: “about to”, you’re appropriate. “Ednan is about to do his homework.” Okay?

Now, let’s do yet one more:
“Jess is about to _________.”
And right here we’ve the verb “examine”. So, once more, very simple. What will we write? “Jess is about to examine.” Which implies she goes to examine quickly. Okay?

I hope you’re about to subscribe to my channel. There, you will discover lots of actually nice assets on all kinds of issues English, together with dialog, listening, talking, IELTS. I’ve coated lots of subjects, so I hope you examine that out. I additionally need to invite you to apply “about to” by visiting our web site, There, you’ll be able to really do a quiz. I hope you are about to do that quiz the place you’ll be able to apply every part you realized in the present day. So till subsequent time, thanks for watching and take care.

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